Water Damage Restoration in St. Augustine, FL

Assisting Families and Businesses With Water Damage Restoration

Having untreated standing water in your home can lead to damage and severe health conditions. Fortunately, Anderson Restoration is ready to identify and address your water damage issues. As your local water damage restoration experts, we are experienced in all aspects of water damage restoration, from the water extraction process to the actual restoration.

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The Anderson Restoration Difference

Certified by the state and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration and Certification, our company is dedicated to cleaning water damage and flooded homes and offices. What sets us apart is our commitment to provide you with the best service possible. To ensure a hassle-free transaction, we offer direct insurance billing for our residential and commercial clients.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging

We are certified by the Infrared Training Center to offer excellent thermal imaging services. Through the latest in infrared thermographic technology, our team can perform nondestructive testing and detect areas with water damage. Our goal is to look for water leaks or moisture located behind interior walls and spot issues before they become an even a bigger problem.

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Our Seamless Three-Step Process

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We have certified technicians who will conduct a thorough assessment of your home or business location. Using top-of-the-line equipment and tools, we will find the water source, check the extent of the water damage, and make recommendations regarding remediation. Let us remove the guesswork in diagnosing where the water intrusion is happening and help you avoid costly mistakes.


Our team uses only the best water removal equipment to get any standing floodwater out of your property. Once the floodwater has been sucked out, we will use moisture detectors and infrared cameras to determine high-moisture areas in your home or office.

Disinfection and Deodorization

Mold will start to develop after water damage, so make sure to take preventive measures. We don’t just soak up the floodwater but also dry and disinfect the water-damaged area. We will dry out your property using industry-grade water drying equipment to prevent any secondary water damage from occurring. Our dedicated team will disinfect everything and restore your home or office to normal.

St. Augustine, Florida, is a historic city located on the northeastern coast of the state. It holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the continental United States, founded by Spanish explorers in 1565. St. Augustine is known for its rich history, Spanish colonial architecture, beautiful beaches, and vibrant cultural scene.

Water damage restoration in St. Augustine, Florida is a crucial service that helps homeowners and businesses recover from water-related emergencies such as flooding, leaks, and burst pipes. Rapid response and professional restoration are essential to minimize the damage and prevent further issues like mold growth.


What Our Clients Say About Us

“I just wanted to let everyone know out there that these guys are GREAT! I had a flood while out of town and on my return after a week I found that the upstairs toilet had been overflowing the entire time. I called Anderson Restoration and the employees were dispatched out immediately. They removed all of the water and rebuilt my home back to normal! Thanks Guys!”

Cindy H.

“Came home one evening to find that our washer supply hose sprung a leak. Had water everywhere. Called Anderson Restoration and Emergency Services, and they were here in less than an hour. Great bunch of guys, knew exactly what to do, and were very quick about it. Great Job! Highly Recommended!”


Aaron and his company are very professional and responsive. His on time attitude has saved my employer thousands of dollars in added expense and time. They do excellent work and are very professional. I would highly recommend Anderson Restoration for all of you restoration needs, you will not be disappointed.

Donald S.

“We had an emergency in our home. I called Anderson Restoration and Emergency Services and they came very quickly. Removed the mold from the walls very fast. Excellent service, I owe them a big THANKS.”


“It's really WORTH IT! I am happy with their service and I was smiling all the time while I was watching them work. I salute the services that they do because they all work very professional and they really get everything done in no time. I will surely get their services again when I need them.”


“They we here before I knew it and the technician was kind and courteous. They did a fantastic job and I'm happy to give my highest recommendation.”


“Anderson Restoration went above and beyond to show and let us understand what has to be done. We did not know anything under circumstances. Hiring them to work in and out of clients' home is a great choice because: they are clean, safe, efficient, reliable, friendly and comfortable to be around.”


“My grandparents needed help with the restoration of their house. We suspected they had mold and called Anderson Restoration. They ran tests and I was right. The mold was removed very fast; these guys did a great job. I have to thank them in the name of my grandparents.”


“They took the time to explain the remediation process and set my nerves at ease. Anderson Restoration handled everything professionally and got the job done. I highly recommend Anderson Restoration!”


“They took the time to explain the remediation process and set my nerves at ease. Anderson Restoration handled everything professionally and got the job done. I highly recommend Anderson Restoration!”


“We came home one day to a water leak, from somewhere upstairs. It was inside the walls. We called Anderson Restoration and Emergency Services; they showed up within an hour, found our leak and took care of our water removal. Also gave us good advice about possible mold detection. Great job guys!!”

Jason S.

“My mom loves these guys. She had to have some mold testing done a while back and they really made her feel safe. They took care of everything for her, answered her questions and acted very professionally. Thanks so much!”

Deb R.

“Anderson Restoration came to our rescue when we had to have emergency water removal. They showed up right away and did a fantastic job.”

Albatros Imaging

“We had a serious mold problem in the attic. Two other companies failed to permanently remove all the mold and mildew... but Anderson Restoration & Emergency Services finally solved our problem... and we have seen no return in over 3 years now. Great work and highly recommended!”

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“The most professional service I have ever contacted. Anderson Restoration found mold in our basement and suggested what we should do. Removed the mold very fast, explained us how dangerous the mold can be and how we can prevent it in future. Excellent work”


“After a big storm we were not able to dry our house for months. Mold appeared on walls and on a floor. We called Anderson Restoration and they solved our problem in 3 days. I must say that it has been more than 3 months after their service and the mold is not reappearing. They did it very professionally and very fast. Our house is dry now and we know how to prevent mold. Thanks guys.”


“Superior service! Pro all the way! Showed up within the hour after my call, great fast response! They prevented secondary damage and saved me $$$! They took care of the insurance for me and really made my life easier, thank you!”


“We recently had Anderson Restoration test for mold in our house; these guys knew what to do. They showed us some signs of mold, and completely removed the mold from our home. Great Job!!”


“The staff was very knowledgeable and explained in detail the importance of the dry-out process in order to keep mold from growing. After the flood, they restored all of the damages including wood floors, baseboards and new paint. I would recommend using Anderson Restoration for anyone needing their services.”


“Very impressed with their work. Very impressed with these guys. I used them a few weeks ago to do some mold removal in between my garage and house. The problem area looks great now and will certainly help me sell the house much quicker. Good value for money too, I think they worked out slightly cheaper than some other companies in the area. Thanks for everything.”


“Extremely helpful. We needed our wooden floor ripped up and replaced after a leak left us with a swollen wooden floor. Anderson Restoration & Emergency Services handled the job with ease and took care of everything, teaching me what to do to prevent the rest of my wooden floors from suffering the same fate and it has really helped. I think they were excellent value for the money and for the service they gave me.”


“Quick response times and overall excellent quality of work. Would highly recommend.”

Jeffy Construct


“About a month ago a big storm ruined our house. Water was everywhere, mold appeared very soon. We called Anderson Restoration on a recommendation of our friend and we did not regret it. These guys did an excellent job. Dried the house totally, mold removed very fast. I owe them big THANKS.”

Freddy S.

“Service was great, answered the phone at night and tech came an hour later. Saved my house from a lot more damage, thank you Anderson Restoration!”

Bruce J.

“These guys are professionals. Very fast service. They removed the mold from our house in no time. Recommended.”

Roger C.

“They came right over and did an analysis, then solved the mold problem we had. Quick, friendly and courteous service. These are great people who care about their work.”

John S.

“My expectation of any company is that I receive individual attention, prompt and courteous service, professional staff, open and timely communication, and services delivered as promised. My expectations were exceeded by this company. This is a well-run, organized and professional operation. I highly recommend them, I was beyond pleased with my experience.”

Kelli M.

“We had a pipe to our washing machine burst, spraying water everywhere. This company is very helpful, fast and courteous. The water was removed and they saved our carpet and walls. They worked with our insurance company and headache was not on us!”

Cherie and Chuck K.

“Quick response, great & efficient service! We are very happy. Anderson Restoration showed up within 40 minutes of our first call and they started the job immediately. Responsible, diligent and professional conduct all the way. Would use them again and recommend them to my family & friends.”


“These guys are very knowledgeable fast and polite. Removed the mold in no time. Thanks.”


“Aaron is a consummate professional, trying to do the very best for his clients. My business relationship over the last three years has been stellar. It is so easy to work with honest and hardworking people like Aaron and the rest of the Anderson Restoration team.”

Jim M.

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