2303, 2015

The Benefits of a Water Damage Restoration Company That Does Direct Insurance Billing

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We can try and save as much money as possible, but no one is ever really ready for a disaster when it strikes.  Think about all of the things that can go wrong with your home.  When you are factoring in all of the possibilities, chances are water damage is not something that is high […]

1603, 2015

How to Prevent Mold from Growing After Getting Water Damage in Your Jacksonville, FL Home

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One of the biggest issues that can creep up with water damage is the growth of mold.  No home can sustain the growth of mold and continue to be a safe and comfortable establishment to live in.  Once mold starts to grow, it is important to take action immediately to try and remove it.  The […]

203, 2015

Can my Carpet and Furniture Be Restored Following Home Water Damage?

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Home water damage is nothing to mess around with.  Sure, your home may be built like a rock, but once water starts to leak through the walls and the ceiling, you are going to have issues.  Water damage can harm your home in a variety of ways.  It can cause mold build-up in the walls, […]

202, 2015

Five Questions to Ask Your Water Damage Restoration Company

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You have taken the necessary steps to get a water damage restoration company on-site to your house as quickly as possible. They have come in and done their work to not only detect any sign of moisture, but also to get rid of moisture as best that they can. What should you be asking them […]

2601, 2015

The Importance of Treating Jacksonville Water Damage Immediately After It Occurs

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Water can cause serious damage when it pops up in unexpected places, like your home.
Think of the damage that water could do to something such as a living room or a finished basement. You could find your possession, like furniture, life memories, electronics, and so on have been ruined. One of the […]

1901, 2015

How Mold Stemming from Water Damage Can Be Treated and Eliminated

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One of the biggest impacts that water damage can have on your home is the growth of mold. Standing water in your home can seep into the various materials of your home and spark the growth of mold, fungi, and other bacteria. Over time, this can lead to a great deal of problems […]

1201, 2015

Detecting Mold Following a Water Damage Incident in Your Home

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It is important to do all that you can to be sure all water in your home is accounted for following a water damage incident. A water damage incident is going to entail a situation where water has managed to make its way into your home. It could be water that has come through your […]

501, 2015

Benefits of Using Industry Best Drying Equipment for Home Water Damage

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Water damage can really put a damper on the current state of your home. You could have the perfect home only to have a flood to come in and ruin everything that you have worked so hard to build up. This does not have to be the case, though, as long as you […]

404, 2013

Detecting Water Damage in Your Home

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There are two types of water damage that can happen in a home: those that are clearly visible and those that are hidden. Visible water damage is anything that happens on the surface and can be easily detected and remedied. Hidden water damage can go on for weeks or even months without being detected, creating […]

1902, 2013

How to save Photos and Books from Water Damage

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Water damage can not only destroy a  home — it can also destroy priceless memories. Photos and books are often lost in water damage incidents, and homeowners are left asking if there is anything they can do.  The key to saving these items is to act quickly. Photos and books not quickly attended to can […]